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Give your Couch an Instant Upgrade

It's that time of year again when the cold is starting to creep in and lazy summer days are slowly shortening. The open breeziness of summer living is replaced with cooler evenings and cosy nights indoors. 

A change of season means a perfect opportunity to switch things up for the colder days ahead. A cost-effective way to do this? Update your accessories to create a warmer, cozier space that can be switched out again just as easily when Summers rolls round.

We love this example using a few scatters to transform this couch from white and breezy to luxe and cosy in an instant.

Take a look:



We have a large selection of fabrics from SA's top fabric houses to help you create the perfect combinations, while our team is ready to make up scatters in any shape, size or style that you may need! Get in touch for a quote > info@tablebaycurtains.co.za