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April Storyboards to Inspire - Autumn Decor

Our decor consultants were recently briefed for an exciting new interior project featuring teals , ochres and grey for a cutting edge, yet industrial interior. We've shared the result of this project - some exciting story boards using a combination of layers, textures and varying shades of this exciting colour palette.

The project featured a bush location, so the design pays homage to the natural surrounds both in colour and texture.  Adding piping and natural woods as well as geometric yet ethnic nuances in the fabrics brought the story to life while blending with the wild exterior.

Colder shades of teal combine with ochre and grey to bring balance to the scheme, mimicking an autumn bush scene. An image of a giraffe set against the background of thorny African bush during an Autumn sunset was at the core of the inspiration for this theme. 


Autumn Decordecor storyboarddecor storyboard 2autumn decor storyrecent workstoryboards to inspire


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